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Nanjing Gold Carp Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd. is Nanjing high-tech enterprise,located in the eastern coastal area of China.

The company specializes in the production of high-purity hydrothermal nano zirconia powder, zirconia dental block, zirconia beads and advanced ceramic parts.


After 8 years of efforts, the company developed advanced nano zirconia hydrothermal technology in 2017, and produced high-end zirconia raw material powder with high translucency, high purity, uniform original particle size, high bending strength, strong fracture toughness and high density.


Zirae established the factory in 2018. The factory is configured and managed according to the cleaning standard of pharmaceutical factory to ensure the environmental cleanliness and strict detection of products, with an accumulated investment of more than 200 million USD in 2021.The production capacity of high-end hydrothermal

zirconiapowder reach 1500 tons.The production capacity of zirconia dental block and zirconia bead will also expand rapidly.

We have precise production and testing equipment, strict production process testing and finished product testing and inspection procedures to ensure the stability of product quality.


Zirae has a high-quality and efficient team. Zirae's technical personnel have a postgraduate degree, and the company has employed industry technical experts from the United States, Germany and Austria as technical consultants. Key management personnel in the top 500 enterprises for many years of employment and management

experience, for the rapid development of the company has brought advanced management concepts.


Our goal is to constantly innovate and provide customers with stable high quality, a variety of advanced ceramic materials, never changed.


Technology advantages

For Zirconia Powder

  • The company applies hydro-thermal technology to zirconia preparation, which can achieve higher purity monodispers and lower sintering temperature required.
  • Impurity content: 0.005%, 1% of ordinary zircoina powder
  • Number of times used in injection moulding: 20~25 times, Increase 33-67%
  • Monodisperse of Powder: Less hard agglomeration, up to first level
  • Sintering temperature: 1250 degrees, 16.1%(energy saving 8.5%)
  • Flexural strength: 1490 MPa, increased by24.17%.


  • More optimized hydro-thermal process technology
  • Uniform particle size of nano-powders optimized  the sintering properties
  • Reducing chloride ion content: minimize the effect of chloride ion on ceramics
  • Minimize the Hard reunion to Improve size uniformity of powder
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For Zirconia dental block

Adopting  self-produced zirconia powder to ensure the quality from source.

Adopting a number of industry -leading production techniques to ensure the advanced performance of blocks.


Such as isostatic pressing, slurry forming, SPS and so on.

Providing our customers with detailed product parameters and various guidance to help customer make sure the best zirconia denturds.

  • Improving Ceramic Properties-Transparency
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Technical Team


Mr. Zhong Xiaoliang

Mr. Zhong Xiaoliang, CEO Laboratory director, Master of materials physics and chemistry, Beijing Institute of non ferrous metals, Committed to high-purity zirconia, molybdenum and niobium target research and development, with 22 invention patents.


Professor Wang Guangxin

Professor Wang Guangxin, postdoctoral of GKSS, Germany, and chief scientist of Williams advanced materials company, USA.


Dr. Zhong Xinghua

Dr. Zhong Xinghua, major in chemistry in Chinese Academy of Sciences Experts in design, preparation and failure mechanism of high reliability long life coatings.


Mr. Stock Professor Heinz Rolf

Professor Heinz Rolf Stock, PhD, and director of the Institute of basic materials, University of Bremen, Germany.

Zirae possesses a high talent team. Zirae’s technical personnel have graduate degree or above, and the company also hired experts from Germany and Austria as technical consultants.

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The company possesses advanced hydro-thermal equipment, automatic feeding furnace system and spray dry machines. So far cumulative investment in our factory is up to 5 million USD, the annual capacity is 1500Tons.



Quality control of dental block

We perform varous performance and apperance inspections on the finished products, and mark unique serial numbers on each product, from which each production tache of the product can be traced. We test the scaling factor for each product to ensure a perfect fit of the denture afte sintering. 


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Certificate of Quality Management System
Zirae has been accessed and is in conformity with GB/T190001-2016 idt ISO 9001:2015.


In recent years, our company has participated in international well-known industry exhibitions of zirconia oxide powder, zircoinia beads and other products, such as Japan Highly Functional ceramics Exhibition, Shanghai International Exhibiton for Advanced Ceramics, Korea International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition, etc, and has been deeply concerned and recognized by international buyers in the advanced ceramic industry.

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